Thought for the Week: Submission

The other day, a woman who had been wounded by legalism asked me about my thoughts on submission. I thought I'd share my answer with you.

I believe the word submission has become very misunderstood because of how Christians and other religions have used it for power, control and abuse both within the church and personal relationships, e.g. wives submit to your husbands. Power is by far our most addictive emotion and we usually use philosophical or religious ideology to condone and justify it. I read recently that the word submission actually is a military term where one rank submits to a higher rank in order to achieve a common goal, thus voluntary cooperation.

Rebellion is the fear of being controlled.


Stress... The #1 Enemy

Stress is the # 1 killer and destroyer of our relationship in the USA.

stress cortisol cycle.jpg

Many are turning to eastern religions because they teach practical tools for reducing stress and its effects. I have developed a Genesis mediation with practical tools for being able to lower stress what drives it. Stress is another word for fear. If you identify the fear (belief system) the stress will go away.

Try it for 30 days and you will see change.