Understand the mystery of relapse with the one-on-one counseling process.

The Bible tells us that trying to change behaviors without changing internal thought/belief structures is an exercise in exhaustion that usually leads to relapse.

The Genesis Process recognizes that a person's self-destructive behavior is the expression of their beliefs, so changing/healing faulty belief systems will reduce craving and prevent relapse.

If you can stop the brain from producing craving you can prevent relapse. Genesis tools have been shown to be effective for anyone stuck in self-defeating behavior patterns who truly want to change.

Train to be a Genesis Coach

You can train to be a Genesis Coach

Genesis Relapse Prevention Training for coaches and counselors is a 40-hour instruction offered as an on-demand video course and as a weeklong live class led by an official Genesis trainer.  The live training classes are scheduled throughout the year in both in-person and virtual venues. 

Those who complete this training will be able to effectively help clients use the Relapse Prevention Workbook to find inner healing for what drives their addictive behaviors, identify and challenge faulty belief systems, and create an individualized relapse prevention plan for recovery.  

Some state boards will assign CEUs for licensed and certified counselors who complete the course. Completion of this course is the first step to becoming a Certified Genesis Counselor.

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On-Demand Video Course

Complete this 14-session video course, led by Michael Dye, on your own timeframe. It’s best completed with a partner or team and with a client to move through the workbook with as you go. (120-day access)

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Live Training Sessions

Attend an in-person or Livestream 5-day Training Session, led by Genesis Associates or Dean Perry or Alan and Amy Muia, for a highly interactive experience that includes live demonstrations, breakout sessions, and realtime feedback for questions and answers.

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