The Genesis Process

provides a biblical and neurochemical understanding of what causes our self-destruction - and a real plan for lasting change.

If someone is willing to change, Genesis will make them able.

The Bible and other literature have told us for literally thousands of years that if we want to change who we are and what we do, we have to change our heartNew understanding from brain research shows us how trauma (abuse and neglect) can distort who we are and what we believe and thus how we act.

Genesis initiates lasting heart changes and helps heal the wounds that drive our destructive behaviors - rather just coping with them any longer.

Change Groups

Groups of 5 work through 20 processes to establish safe relationships, understand what’s broken, and heal the old wounds that have been sabotaging attempts to change.

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Relapse Prevention Training

Trained Genesis counselors work one-on-one with clients to identify subconscious self-sabotaging patterns and develop a personalized relapse prevention plan.

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Program Development

Increase recovery and retention rates by implementing or optimizing Genesis in your recovery program. This service is provided by Genesis Associate, Dean Perry, and offers a full program assessment, and on-going consulting and advanced training options for staff teams.

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What is the Genesis Process?

      Click on this link to watch a podcast of Michael Dye explaining the Genesis Process.

Genesis provides the knowledge, skills, and practical tools necessary for lasting change through a 1-on-1 relapse prevention curriculum and a 6-month small group experience. If someone is willing to change, The Genesis Process will make them able. 

Genesis integrates Biblical principles for personal change, proven relapse prevention techniques, cognitive therapy, and the latest neurochemistry research to comprehensively address, heal, and transform people damaged by self-destructive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  

The Process starts with identifying and working through underlying issues that drive compulsive and addictive behaviors. It pinpoints and challenges faulty belief systems and replaces them with new, healthy ways of thinking and living. 

Participants learn to track, measure, and short-circuit relapse patterns, creating a personal recovery maintenance plan with vital ongoing support and accountability. 

The Genesis Process is a powerful experience that brings tangible hope to anyone who has dreamed of finding freedom from the bondage of self-destructive behaviors. 

Watch a podcast of Michael Dye explaining the Genesis Process


Genesis has transformed not just the people in our church, but the culture of our church itself. 


Your church or recovery program can be safer and more effective than ever. Genesis will help your people answer the question "Why do I do what I hate?" and provide you with the training and roadmap to guide them toward the people they were made to be. 

And it goes beyond just stories - over the last 10 years, Rescue Missions utilizing the Genesis Process have seen dramatic increases in client recovery and retention rates of at least 33-50% within the first year.

Relapse Prevention
Change Groups

Michael Dye, the founder of The Genesis Process, was on a desperate search for the truth and the meaning of life.

He spent twelve years studying and practicing many religions and philosophies.

But after becoming a Christian in 1979 he discovered a passion to help hurting and addicted people change. He wanted answers...

Why are we unable to change the destructive compulsive behaviors that we hate? 

By Dean Perry

This workbook is for those who want to start or restructure a non-profit and faith-based recovery program. The key questions, team exercises, coaching tips and sample materials will guide you to design a recovery program specific for your community by developing  your vision, community network, culture of recovery, and staffing. This workbook is a must for those who want to maximize the impact of Genesis counseling.

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By Dean Perry

Staff of recovery programs will be able to use this second volume of the Genesis Program Manual Series to fully implement the Genesis Process by Michael Dye. It contains distinctives of a Genesis program, a full program model, tips for designing each phase, and interactive questions for recovery teams to build their own unique program from application to aftercare. 

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