A Genesis Church Story: Deborah

Oct 17, 2019

At Harvest City Church in Regina, Canada we have been using the tools and training of Genesis Process for over 13 years now.

The biblical principles and concepts of Genesis are now very much apart of our DNA as a church and as a leadership team. The majority of our leadership team has at some point taken the week-long training or been a part of our change groups, including our Lead Pastor and his wife. We currently take individuals through the workbooks, run Change Groups, and have an Inner Healing team that ministers once a month on a Sunday morning to individuals.

“This has given people the opportunity to use their gifting, and see their healed pain become someone else’s gain by ministering to the hurting in our church and community.

Our congregation is experiencing that this is a safe place to bring friends, family, those in their workplace to get help without any pressure to attend a church service after. And as a result of finding healing and a safe community, they often connect in and become apart of our church family.

Change Groups have brought healing to many, as well as friendships and relationships that carry on long past our groups ending.

The Genesis Process has helped us as a church to be healthier and to have more compassion, understanding, and grace for each other and for those hurting around us.

“As a part of the Pastoral team at HCC, I can’t imagine doing church without Genesis!


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