The Change Group Process will teach you “why you do the things you don’t want to do” and give you practical tools and support to bring lasting change.

Real and lasting change comes from identifying areas where you’re stuck and taking practical steps towards real change with accountability and support.  

The goal of the process is to identify the subconscious fears (which are usually survival belief systems) that control your self-destructive behaviors and emotions and take practical steps to resolve them.

Whether the issue is anxiety, anger, alcohol, drug or food abuse, a negative, critical attitude, or spiritual stagnation, a Change Group will help you find new freedom that lasts.

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Each week you’ll spend time with the content and self-reflection exercises that have been carefully designed to challenge and prepare you for growth. 

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Watch supplemental videos to dive deeper into the content and skills you’re working on each week, learn facilitating skills, and access bonus handouts. 

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See if Change Groups are offered anywhere near you, or consider starting one! We’ve made it easy to facilitate your own with the Change Group Videos. 

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Get a feel for the Change Group experience with Michael Dye’s videos on the Power of Secrets and an Introduction to Change Group Facilitating

FASTER Relapse Awareness Scale

 The FASTER Relapse Awareness Scale has proven to be a very accurate tool in predicting and preventing relapse by identifying and intervening pre-relapse behavior patterns. It can also be a tool for healing through identifying what your addictive behaviors are there for and what they are protecting you from.

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Change Group Facilitator Handouts

Download handout materials  to help you facilitate change group meetings (i.e. Worksheets, Instructions, Weekly Checkins, Post Group Follow-up).

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Change Groups are changing not just people's lives, but their families and legacies as well. 



When I first joined, I thought I was going to help my husband who is an alcoholic. After hearing I could only use "I" statements over and over again, I almost quit! But I didn't. I was angry that I had to be working on me and he wasn't doing anything.  Anyway, after going through it a second time, I started using the challenges and commitments and other things I had learned for myself and my husband without him realizing it. Not long ago he went to a local hospital that has a program for addicts and he just told me the other day that he wants to join the Genesis Process group. God is amazing. He works in ways we could not have imagined.  Those of us who will be going through it a third time (facilitators) and we have some coming back from this time, are ready to help encourage others through their struggles as we continue walking with Him in our journey. I am amazed at how each time we find more and more things trapped in our limbic system that need to be worked on. I am thrilled to be a blessing to others but even more I find I am blessed the most through others.

- Karen, Change Group Participant

Each Change Group participant is responsible for their own Change Group Workbook and personal Change Group Video Subscription. 

Each Change Group Video Subscription comes with WEEKLY Facilitator Focus Videos that provide content and skill training. The Facilitator Guide is an optional addition for facilitators.