Genesis Change Groups are changing not just people's lives, but their families and legacies as well. 

Women's Group

When I read through the book, it was like God spoke to me and said, "This is what you have been searching for!" I believe this program addresses a missing link in the church that I have been craving. I believe God is calling me to start a women's group in my church, not just for addiction, but for strategic and proactive growth in Christ, especially for those suffering from problems that prevent them from achieving their full potential in Him.

Sara, Change Group facilitator


Because of the Genesis study, I'm finally becoming the women God intended me to be.

Linda, Portland 


At Harvest City Church in Regina, Canada we have been using the tools and training of Genesis Process for over 13 years now. 
The biblical principles and concepts of Genesis are now very much apart of our DNA as a church and as a leadership team. The majority of our leadership team has at some point taken the week long training or been apart of our change groups, including our lead Pastor and his wife. We currently take individuals through the workbooks, run Change Groups and have an Inner Healing team that ministers once a month on a Sunday morning to individuals. This has given people opportunity to use their gifting, and see their healed pain become someone else's gain by ministering to the hurting in our church and community. Our congregation is experiencing that this is a safe place to bring friends, family, those in their workplace to get help without any pressure to attend a church service after. And as a result of finding healing and a safe community, they often connect in and become apart of our church family. 
Change Groups have brought healing to many, as well as friendships and relationships that carry on long past our groups ending. 
The Genesis Process has helped us as a church to be healthier, and to have more compassion, understanding and grace for each other and for those hurting around us. As a part of the Pastoral team at HCC, I can’t imagine doing church without Genesis! 
-Deborah Lachance


Tools/Change Group

When I first joined, I thought I was going to help my husband who is an alcoholic. After hearing I could only use "I" statements over and over again, I almost quit! But I didn't. I was angry that I had to be working on me and he wasn't doing anything.  Anyway, after going through it a second time, I started using the challenges and commitments and other things I had learned for myself and my husband without him realizing it. Not long ago he went to a local hospital that has a program for addicts and he just told me the other day that he wants to join the Genesis Process group. God is amazing. He works in ways we could not have imagined.  Those of us who will be going through it a third time (facilitators) and we have some coming back from this time, are ready to help encourage others through their struggles as we continue walking with Him in our journey. I am amazed at how each time we find more and more things trapped in our limbic system that need to be worked on. I am thrilled to be a blessing to others but even more I find I am blessed the most through others.

Karen Fromet, Change Group Participant


A Genesis Process change group is...For change. The Genesis Process is for anyone who is stuck in a rut and wants to change their destructive behavior. This includes, but is not limited to: being critical and judgmental, codependency, religiosity (legalism), drug or alcohol abuse, food, anxiety, anger, sex addiction, secrets, workaholism, isolation, or any negative behavior or emotion that you use to cope.



I've been a pastor for over 18 years and the main issue I have struggled with is how do I help people make deep and lasting changes and become conformed to the image of Christ? Having discovered the Genesis Process I now feel like I have the answer. One woman in our fellowship said that though she has attended all types of recovery programs, nothing went as deep and was as helpful as Genesis. Another person became reunited with our fellowship after finally finding the help to break the power of her reoccurring anger. People from all walks of life are coming and are finding freedom to finally be the person God has called them to be through the Genesis Process for Change Groups. I've never seen such enthusiasm and willingness from our people to be real and work on deep and life changing issues. It has given us all renewed hope! Genesis provides practical and solidly theologically based material that helps us get at the root of why we do the very things we don't want to do. It helps us discover that by making church a safe place for hurting people, they can become the people that God intended them to be. I whole heartedly recommend it!

Jeff Nichols, pastor, marin

Anxiety & Depression

I found Genesis absolutely phenomenal, and that it provides the tools that are missing from other types of help programs, to allow people who are REALLY willing to work for it, to be free. After years of anxiety & depression and searching for help through counseling, I found that Genesis actually gave me the proper tools to really help me. Now I've been off of medication and panic attack free, able to really keep my anxiety in check more than ever before, for about a year and a half now. I use Genesis techniques on myself regularly, and have done a bit of Genesis here and there with friends who were looking for freedom.

Karen, change group participant, Seattle


...We had three marriages that were in the process of divorce that are now back together after going through the Change Books, I think that is a genuine miracle.

Debbie, Change Group Facilitator, Canada


We are still using your (The Genesis Change Books) in the prisons and it has impacted a lot of lives. I have been teaching it for three or even maybe four years and it is still profound every time we go in. I have been a minister for some time and GOD never ceases to amaze me and (He) honors this program. The judges and other administrators have really (taken) notice to this program and we have a lot of eyes on us, which is good because the only thing they are seeing is JESUS at work and they are blown away by it.

Harold Thompson, change group facilitator


Your support and help is appreciated and we have many success stories. I have introduced Genesis Process into our Jails, and have had people join a group when they get out. Your work is often acknowledged as the best recovery training for addiction and for other compulsive behaviors.
Thanks  Jeff Lyon

Women's Change Group

"I now have restored hope and faith in God and others. I feel peaceful and content. I have a vision for my life and can really see that God can use me and that He has a plan for my life."

"I feel like I've been pulled from a dark hole and I never want to go back again. I realize I can't rescue everyone around me. I have to be saved by God first and trust him with those I love".

Elizabeth felt like God has shown her a lot of "why she does the things she does".  She could see areas that were big at the beginning of the book become so much less of a struggle even by the middle of the book. Her husband was so impressed he asked me to get him his own book. 

We finished another Genesis Change Book with a group of about 25. This is about the 10th time through book one. Good stuff, each time through I learn something different. God certainly gave you the material.

David Brock PhD, Professional Therapist, Anchorage Alaska


I have experienced a profound and unwavering sense of peace ever since the Protective Personality Exercise was completed. I have never been one for religious stuff as far as being able to sense demons or spirits, and maybe with reason since I had one residing near me or in my mind, but I was wondering if during that exercise where we brought to mind the protective personality, if during your prayer you might have cast out any demonic forces. I saw a dark force walk away from me during that exercise and then when you prayed truth into us, I have felt an unbelievable sense of peace ever since. Even when I try and recall the energy I would get from lust I just feel at peace, as if I don't need that anymore. Even later that night, I heard Jesus whisper in my heart, "You're free my son, you're free." This experience is so profound that I'm having a hard time not sharing it with everyone and wondering if it could be possible that I, as a believer of 17 years, could have put Jesus in a box with limited power and love.

Brent Acajabon, change group participant


In my current change group, one of the ladies shared that she no longer feels like not being here on earth. For a great number of years she always felt like she didn't belong here and wanted the Lord to just take her. After finishing book 1, and now in book 2, her praise report is that she no longer feels that way. She doesn't go to that place of despair. How awesome is that?! And, she is also on the road to getting her GED. This is something she has not told anyone, including her husband. We all encouraged her to get it and when she tested to get back into school, she tested at college level. So amazing!

Stacy, Change Group Facilitator


Thank you for providing the Genesis Process materials. I've found the material invaluable in my recovery from alcoholism. I attend A.A meetings and have a sponsor that I talk to daily but it's the Genesis Process that has helped me the most, particularly in the areas of forgiveness and resentments. Thank God for His deliverance! I've gone through both books as a group member and am now facilitating a group.

Gary Reed, Change Group Participant


Dean Perry introduced our church to the Genesis Process as the leadership was wrestling with how to help people who are “stuck” in life. Although the Genesis Process is used heavily in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we have found that those are just two ‘drugs of choice’ among many more ‘drugs”, such as anger, anxiety, food, shopping, control, gambling, pornography, numbing out, etc. We find that the application of the principles of Genesis Process helps people discover and deal with the things that cause them to be trapped in behaviors that are keeping them from being what God designed them to be. Our Genesis Change Group ministry is becoming one of the foundational ministries at the church. I highly recommend the Genesis Process and Genesis Change groups to you.

Jerry Beres, Founding Pastor, Meadow Springs 


Going through Genesis process has helped me work through so many personal issues.  Knowing "why I do what I do" has enabled me to let God heal in the places that needed to be healed. The healing process isn't easy, but having other people be a part of that in a real, honest way makes the journey possible. The accountability aspect of Genesis helps make the program successful.  That’s when real change happens - when I begin to take risks and do things I never thought I'd be able to do. That gives me the hope and the motivation to continue to change.  The joy in watching others find freedom through leading groups has been encouraging and rewarding.

Karen, change group participant


She (is) was a self-mutilator. She would get stressed and cut herself. We completed the first book a couple of weeks ago and in the closure session I asked what was the most significant thing she got from Genesis - she silently held up her arms. She credits accountability and not having secrets as what has freed her.

My other girl has just turned 17, she's brilliant, literally, and is under incredible pressure to succeed, mostly from herself. Her grades tailed off last semester and she actually failed Physics, she was hiding it from her parents and her biggest blessing has been "the right thing to do is sometimes the hard thing to do, and if you do what is right GOD WILL BLESS IT".  She says that Genesis has helped to improve her family relationships, that she is also not keeping secrets. She recently told her parents a secret about her brother that had been feeding her depression. Both the girls now know that they have tools to help them manage their lives and I have seen their demeanor change completely, they are happy now, they were not happy when they came in.

April, Change Group Facilitator

Grace/Sexual Addiction

The "Genesis Process for Change Groups" is a gift from God. It's a relevant, biblically balanced, and profoundly practical. It is able to help folks who may have lost hope not only find it again, but also for them to experience the Grace of God. Michael Dye has caught the heart of God in a marvelous way. 

Ted Roberts, Author Founder of Pure Desire Ministries, Portland, Oregon

Genesis Processes

The Genesis Process is a God-given tool that allows a person to move from, the so prevalent religiosity, to real freedom, healing and wholeness in Christ. It is also a very transferable process that can be taught to others enabling a multiplied counseling ministry in the church and community. 

The workbook for Change Groups is easily implemented with remarkable results. Those who have found healing and wholeness by working through the Genesis Process themselves are eagerly recruiting others for change groups which they now lead or participate in. I highly recommend the process, the materials and the teacher as biblical, practical and God's genuine gifts to the church and to the lost world around us. This process is key to our strategy to reclaim lost territory and broken hurting people for our Lord.

Bob Barnett, Senior Pastor, Woodstock Bible Church, Illinois

Prison Ministry

Amy Muia, Director Tierra Nueva, Women's Chaplaincy/Skagit County Jail Ministry

I would highly recommend Genesis for prison work, because it's so effective at getting at root wounds and the causes of addiction.  My husband and I use it in the women's recovery house that we direct.  Many of our residents have jail/criminal history, and some are still court involved.  Our residents attest to the fact that it gets at those core issues like nothing else they've tried, not even treatment.  It's their testimonies that are so powerful, because these are folks who have gone through in-patient, out-patient, 12-step, and everything in-between. We're catching the notice of judges, treatment counselors, court advocates, and agency workers, because of the big changes they see in the residents we work with.

Residential Treatment Programs

Dean Perry, Program Director, Everett Rescue Mission

(Excerpts from Dean Perry, Everett Gospel Mission Newsletter) In group, we were able to help him deal with the roots of his struggle; "What is it that you are trying to avoid by quitting the program and rushing back to work?" I asked him. He then nailed it right on the head, "Feeling like a failure." The problem with sobriety is that all the guilt, shame, anger and remorse from the years of addiction slams the conscience with unrelenting pain. However, the crisis of circumstance can lead to the life changing crisis of faith. Fortunately for this man, he has begun to understand and respond to the grace of God through the gospel. "So how does the Gospel speak to your belief that you're a failure? What's Jesus say?" He paused, and then replied, "I don't know."

What followed is that magic moment of a teachable heart, not only for him, but also for the other guys in the group. I then got to explain how the gospel is not just something we respond to at the start of our faith, but as it says in Romans 1, it is the power of God's sanctifying work in our lives as Christians. This man started to then feel the impact that Jesus bore his failures, and in God's eyes, he has a perfect record of righteousness in Christ. He now has peace about staying in the program and letting God transform his life. Some days I really love my job.

Timothy Tice, M.D.
Board Certified Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

The Genesis Process provides practical skills to address the seemingly unsolvable things we all are prone to do even though doing such things is unhealthy. Michael Dye has gained considerable wisdom through his own personal suffering, as well as through his 40+ years of adeptly treating others who suffer from addictions. The information and tools he provides from this experience provide powerful practical tools that have the necessary clinical and spiritual basis to set persons free. Through the Genesis process persons can be empowered to move closer to God and engage in rich deep relationships with others.

Rob Getty MA. MFT, Clinical Supervisor

I heartily recommend Michael Dye’s new book Filling the Empty Place! This is a seminal work pulling together decades of his research and clinical practice and pulling from his previous books showing the way toward hope and healing from destructive life patterns.  I have personally been helped and use Michael’s materials in my private practice seeing wonderful results.  Michael has a unique way of synthesizing the latest research in the addictive brain sciences, recovery principles and biblical truth and offering practical tools that truly help those struggling with life defeating patterns.  He provides this with compassion and competency having lived the principles he speaks of and helping others to live them also. 


Phil Altmeyer, CEO, Spokane Rescue Mission

In my 20+ years in Rescue work, nothing has led serious addicts to lasting recovery more effectively than the Genesis Process combined with an environment of grace.  Our mission has never experienced the results we've seen in the last 5 years. 


Brandon Lackey, chief program officer at The Foundry,  From the Huffington Post 9/20/17

The main curriculum for The Foundry’s recovery program is based on the Genesis Process, a Christian recovery workbook and training program written by Michael Dye, a California-based researcher and addiction counselor. The treatment helps people change their behavior by teaching biblical principles and providing cognitive exercises designed to challenge negative thoughts.

Darvin W. Smith, M.D. Director of Addictive Behaviors, International University of the Nations, President of ISAAC

The Genesis Process provides a practical guide for counselors and clients to develop an innovative and effective relapse prevention program using Biblical principles and the latest brain chemistry research. The major challenge in treating addictions is to reduce relapse while integrating them into a healthy lifestyle. I recommend this process to all those who are relapse prone and want sobriety and a changed life. 

Program Results

Jerry Reese, Program Director, Spokane Rescue Mission

I can clearly state that I would not run a recovery program without Genesis.  The tools that are incorporated in Genesis, and the depth in which each process goes in getting to core wounds and working through them toward healing, are the best we’ve experienced.  Additionally, how Genesis is biblically based supports everything that we as a ministry want to accomplish in helping our men to develop their relationship with Jesus.

In 3 ½ years of running our Grace-Based recovery program, we have 40 men who have completed all four phases (16 months).  Of those 40 men, 25 have maintained recovery, 7 we have lost contact with (they may be doing well, we just don’t know), 4 relapsed within the last 4 months but are back in recovery (working or going to school or both, maintaining their own residence, and have accountability), 2 have passed away, 1 went back to prison, and 1 is currently homeless.  Prior to going to a Grace-Based recovery environment and incorporating the Genesis Process, our success of seeing real changed lives was dismal at best.

As a ministry we are strong believers in the Genesis Process.  We have seen incredible results not only with the men and women who come to us for help, but we have used this material in our own personal recovery journey.  Several have taken it to their local churches to run Change Groups and some of us use the material with our own family members.  For those who desire to experience real freedom from the wounds of their past and enjoy healthy relationships that thrive, the Genesis Process is an invaluable resource.

Jan Marshall Director Shepard's Door Women's Program Portland (Retired)

As we, at Shepherd's Door, have watched our clients enter the Genesis portion of their program we have seen a remarkable thing happen. Women are truly emotionally courageous as they face the false belief system, choose to walk through the pain of memory, walk through the grief the memory initiates then choose to forgive. In this Genesis process we have witnessed supernatural healing from the Lord with those who choose to embrace truth. It has made a profound difference in our program.

Rev. Charles E Romanic Men's Program Director, Portland Rescue Mission

We have been using the Genesis Process in the Men's New Life Discipleship Program at the Portland Rescue Mission since April 2000. This tool has been the single most important tool added to our program in the past five years. It has uniquely enhanced and focused our recovery program. Since adding this component to our program in 2000 we have seen significant increases in the performance of our program graduates. Prior to using Genesis 38% of our graduates would experience long term recovery and a life of Christian faith (for more than 2 years). After implementing the Genesis Process, our long term rates have climbed to 70%. (As of 8/1/02). There is also an increased stability within the program due to men acknowledging the true condition of their hearts as they explore new truths in this process.

Relapse to Recovery

Dean Perry, Program Director Everett Rescue Mission

One of our residents had gone AWOL for 3 days, and two relapsed. Each man expressed sorrow for his behavior and desired to continue with the program. Sound like a familiar event in the lives of addicts? Can this cyclical behavior actually become an opportunity for real change? This is where the grace environment of the Genesis Program comes in. Each man met with our Program Committee (consisting of 2 program members and 3 staff) to determine if they should continue with the program, and if so, under what conditions. Each one seemed to express true sorrow and repentance, and they were allowed to continue with the program. However, there was some soul searching work to do involving counseling and accountability. The result has been that each man has gone deeper and gotten more honest in his recovery program. What we practice is really the discipline and restoration process Jesus gave us in Matthew 18 and Galatians 6. It really works for those who desire to change. What I've seen over and over is that grace takes time, it’s inconvenient and costly, but it transforms.

International Programs

United Kingdom

The Genesis Process is a powerful, bible based relapse prevention programme that has a very high success rate.  A number of residential drug rehabilitation programmes are using it in the UK but TTg is the only community programme using it.   I can testify to the rates of success amongst those completing Genesis, only yesterday morning one lady, who has been part of TTg since 2009, stood up in front of her church to talk about how her life has radically changed and how she is living life clean and sober for the first time since she was 12 years old, she said this was all due to God and what He has done in her life.  Hallelujah!  Another man who has also been with TTg since 2009 is also living a life free from heroin and methadone dependence since the age of 21, he came to us on the verge of dying and now looks fit and healthy, growing in his relationship with God and people.


Through The Gates (TTg), is a Christian Relapse Prevention ministry that seeks to bring people out of the darkness of drug and alcohol addiction and into the freedom of an abundant life.  With each individual who comes to TTg I use a workbook called The Genesis Process, which is based upon scripture and sound brain research.  This book helps the participants open up to God through His Spirit to experience freedom from addictive behaviors.  Participants discover the false things they believe about themselves, God and others.  Then through the help of the Holy Spirit they can experience freedom from the traumas experienced as a child/adult and start to believe the truth about who they really are.  Participants attend weekly individual sessions with myself and attend a support group also.  

One person who had a 15 year heroin addiction, came to TTg with 6 months to live.  They hadbeen a drug dealer and had been in and out of prison for violence.  They had completely given up on life and coming to see me was their last chance.  They had no hope and only turned up to see me to please others initially.  They went though the Genesis Process with me, attended weekly one to one sessions and groups that TTg ran and not only in time gave up heroin, but after a number of years met someone and now have a family.  Not only that but they are part of a church, have experienced physical transformation, completed a Diploma and now have a full time job!  


Addiction is an increasing problem in Africa. One of the students was a former Hashish addict. He had just quit using 3 month before. The teaching + exercises on double binds were powerful, road to the wounds, belief systems, accountability, faster scale etc. Some people committed themselves to get out of isolation, and live their lives connected to others and be accountable.

Women in Recovery

Debbie La Chance, Harvest Church, Regina, Saskatchewan,  

They shared a great testimony this morning with all the leaders about a woman who had all her children taken away, was a drug addict and alcoholic. After this couple took her through the Individual Genesis Workbook, she has been clean + sober for a year and this week got her children back after many years apart. A life saved along with her 4 children!

Another testimony was shared about a woman that our church sponsored to go through the training from a native church we support in the city - said that Genesis has made a huge difference to their community and has lit a fire this woman's heart for the broken and addicted. 

College girls

Thank you so much for making the Genesis Process for Change Groups available. I took two groups of college girls through the material this past semester and was blown away by the results. Not only did they all love it – but real healing happened in their lives.


I'm meeting with a high school boy whose Dad has beaten him for years and he is now living with our youth pastor. I've been meeting with him for 6months and last week he was ready to do a forgiveness worksheet, it was SO amazing to watch God help him through it. Today we worked on a False Belief that showed up in the worksheet and Jesus showed him some cool stuff and spoke to him. He was really blown away and touched. This stuff really works!!! I was so encouraged. Hope is a beautiful thing. Don

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

In the work I did for the past eleven years, I did countless hours of research to help me find ways to heal my emotional pain and which resulted in a diagnosis of PTSD.I have used nearly every type of coping technique imaginable in my lifetime, to try to dull the enormous emotional pain I lived in because I was taught to hate myself, from a very early age. Part of the program here for volunteers includes the Genesis Process and after reading the first chapter, I was jumping up and down with excitement. The Genesis Process teaches everything I discovered for myself in my research and I know it is yet another miracle in my life to have found you.

Client Stories

Client, Truly Motivated Transitional Living, Yelm WA

I am so thankful to have the Genesis Process as a part of my recovery. I believe it has really helped me to understand where my addiction comes from and gives me the knowledge to realize that my recovery isn’t just about not using drugs or alcohol, but a process of retraining my brain and how to do it. Genesis has helped me learn about myself and why I have struggled with many issues. It makes me deal with my feelings, face my fears and learn to understand them, also why I have them and how to deal with them and change them with the help of God and others.

Client, Rescue Haven, SLC UTah

When I arrived I was broken I had spent the last 2 years trying to kill myself with alcohol, and not knowing why. My counselor and director of Rescue Haven, Lisa worked with me for 8 months. Without her, God, pastor Chris and your program I would not be the strong, independent, happy, fulfilled person I am today. Your genesis program has helped in so many ways. I wish I could bottle this and pass it out to everyone on the street. I have never been happier in my life I understand today that my past is my past. I worked thru it and left the pain behind. My children see the changes I have made.

Kimberly Emery, client

Your research and hard work, and His guidance have given me back my life, and given my six children back their mother. It is my intention to work within the ministry of women and children when I complete my program here. I am grateful to the Genesis Process for many things, one of which is my ability to dream again, and to set goals. I had been chemical free for over 18 months when I began the process, and I knew within the first two processes that I was not dealing as much with a chemical issue as I was an addictive personality. My world was tainted with feelings of inadequacy that reached my entire life and seriously impacted me in areas around abandonment and unhealthy relationships.

Andrew Burns, Client

I committed my heart and mind to the Lord's leading. It took a bit of time, but eventually I ended up at the Rockford Rescue Mission (Illinois). Long story short, my legal back ground barred me from entry to their program. But God honored the desire of my heart and got me in. I was invigorated to learn I was not alone and seemed to excel at the work given to me...I finally felt like ME again. After the nine weeks in the first stage of the program and an additional three or four months in the second stage I started the Genesis Process. It is the main (and I'll say anointed) tool through which God Himself restores those who are willing here in Rockford, Illinois at the Mission's Men's Life Recovery Program. May 17, 2011 I will have 4 years of uninterrupted sobriety from alcohol and drugs. I'm tearing up because I'm grateful. But God isn't done yet and has me working through Genesis for a third time...deeper layers of the onion, and it's much more difficult this time around.

Chris Sullivan, Client

I was first introduced to Michael Dye and the Genesis Process in October 2000. The first time I was taken through the process I began to change as I could approach patterns of thinking which had been so destructive in my life with new confidence of change.  What a life changing discovery that has been in my life. Once I saw my true battle was not truth, but things I had come to believe to survive, I could begin to embrace the truth of God's forgiveness and mercy. I am a pastor and I also teach Genesis to those battling control and destructive behavioral patterns in the church. It is wonderful seeing how it changes their thinking and life. Chris Sullivan

Gay Block, Client and YWAM Missionary

Genesis literally turned my life around! For many years I was not able to get a handle on why addictions seemed to run my life in directions I would certainly not choose to go. When I learned that I could actually have some control over the neurochemicals that dictated my moods, and began to comprehend the process of addiction, I found hope and understanding! Wonderful 'worksheets' keep me conscious if old patterns try to surface. Then when a huge cluster of lies I bought as a child were uncovered, I got to the very roots of all of my addictions. With the pain healed, there is now no need to hide from anything, and life has taken on huge new joy and meaning. I had worked years to produce minimal behavioral changes, but a just a few moments of prayer and the subsequent healings changed me from the ground up forever! I am not the same person! Gay Block, YWAM Missionary 

K.A., Client

I have experienced a wonderful breakthrough thanks to Genesis. I have been unable to recall many painful childhood memories despite years of psychotherapy. A couple of weeks ago, my therapist and I were working on this issue and as we began an intervention, Genesis concepts about false belief systems, projected lies, and survival lies kept flooding my mind and the mental barriers fell. The memories began flowing, the tears falling, for the first time. This is a major success for me and I am so excited to finally be able to remember some of my past. It is an answer to a longstanding prayer of mine.

Carl, Client, Portland Rescue Mission

Upon glancing at the Genesis Process book, I found myself feeling very ambivalent. I felt a lot of fear over the “onion” that would have to be peeled, yet found myself with a lot of hope. If your desire is to learn how to live life and relate to people in a very healthy and godly way, then I can think of nothing better than to go through the Genesis Process. The tools are beyond value, as I now have a way to see danger in my life before it is too late. As you go through the Genesis Process, have an open mind and be prepared to heal.

Weekend Personal Change Seminar

Next to the day in April 1977 that I had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, what happened to me last week is the most unbelievable life changing experience I have ever had.  The words you said, and the exercises you led where putting together the framework for the power of God to deliver and heal my broken heart.  By the time we got to the prayer of forgiveness on Friday, I was in the right spiritual place to receive His Grace.  

I thought it would be a prayer about my father (an alcoholic who literally disowned me at 15 when he found out I got drunk), but instead the prayer of forgiveness was for my mother who stood silently by when Dad did this and betrayed me.. When you asked us to ask the Lord to give us His picture of her, I saw in my heart that picture of her wild panic.  The Lord revealed to me that was the look she had on her face when she was sexually abused as a child.  

I will never be the same again.  I am not the same person.  I could write paragraph after paragraph about what has happened since I have returned:  from an awesome experience with my Senior Executive Pastor to being able today to ask my step-daughters (one is a sex addict and the other a cocaine addict (in dry relapse) for their forgiveness for my self-righteous, legalistic, hateful behavior towards them. Maybe the very best way to end this is to say simply: People now know that I belong to Jesus because of my love.

For the past 10 years rescue missions have been implementing the Genesis Process as the core counseling section of the their programs.  Typically, they find dramatic increases in client recovery and retention rates of at least 33 – 50 % within the first year.  Below are statistics and endorsements from some of these places.  

Phoenix Rescue Mission

3 Years using Genesis


Retention Rate
Before: 19%
After: 55%
↑ 36%

Recovery Rate

Completion Rate
Before: 18%
After: 44%
26% ↑

Since implementing Genesis we have seen dramatic increases in both client success and recovery rates.  Even those who relapse quickly return to us, eager for help to get back into recovery.  Before Genesis, we would never hear from them again!
— Bobby Gardner Jr., Men’s Program Director

Portland Rescue Mission

10 years Using Genesis

Recovery Rate

Genesis has become the core of our recovery counseling and tools.  As men go through the processes, they discover and resolve the childhood traumas that have fueled their addictions.  Genesis also gives them tools and skills to build healthy relationships and maintain long term recovery.
— Rev. Charles Romanic, Recovery Education Specialist, Men’s Program

St. Paul Union Gospel Mission

3 years using Genesis

Recovery Rate
Before: 30%
After: 70%
↑ 40% ↑

Spokane Union Gospel Mission

3 Years Using Genesis

Recovery Rate

I am a strong believer in the Genesis Process.  It’s the best tool I’ve seen for bringing healing to the core wounds of our program men.  Because it is Biblically based, it supports our ministry’s goal of helping them grow in relationship to Jesus.  Our staff use Genesis in their own personal recovery journey.  Several have taken it to their churches, and some use it with family members.
— Jerry Reese, Program Manager

Gilead Foundations, Devon UK

Recovery Rate: 89%
Retention Rate: 50%

2 years after Genesis
92% of those who completed the program
48% of those who entered the program

2 years before Genesis
42% of those who completed the program
23% of those who entered the program


105% increase for those who finish the program
107% increase for those who were in the program

With the new application screening, the completion rates jumped from 13% to 50%

Other Recovery Rates and Endorsements


Santa Barbara Rescue Mission
Santa Barbara, CA

Recovery Rate: 90%
Retention Rate: 60%


Rescue Mission of Salt Lake
Salt Lake City, UT

Recovery Rate: 80%

Gospel Rescue Mission, Arizona

 “Our retention rates have more than doubled since starting Genesis.  It is a solid recovery program that combines everything I’ve learned from 25 years of counseling.  The worksheets give the men practical tools to work on their recovery.  It is making a remarkable difference in their lives.   I can’t say enough good things about it.
— Stan Hamnett, M.A., LISAC, Men’s Program Director

Jubilee Youth Ranch, Washington

I am pleased to endorse Genesis.  Using a Christ-centered approach for treatment, it is the most effective tool I’ve seen for helping clients to address their faulty beliefs and addictive behavior patterns.  My adolescent clients are able to make real changes in their lives by using the information and tools from the workbook.
— Allegra A. Garcia, Intern

Roanoke Rescue Mission, Virginia

The Genesis Process is an awesome relationship building tool that helps clients gain vital insights into their behaviors. It replaces a life of shame and guilt with real hope that sustains the change!
— Mark Henry, Genesis Coordinator, MS

Union Gospel Mission, Oregon

When I first went through the Genesis training 10 years ago, it showed me what had been missing in my own recovery journey. As a Genesis counselor, I’ve seen women use it to make miraculous changes in their lives.   I can’t say enough about how great it is.
— Crisanne Riordan, CADC I, Women's Ministry Director

Genesis at the Everett Rescue Mission

The year of 2011

Introductory program COMPLETION rate: 80%
Genesis Recovery program RETENTION rate:  92%
Genesis program relapses for the year:  2
Program relapses over the holidays:  0