Roy and Nancy

Genesis Program Participant, Oklahoma

"We have almost completed Change Book 1, and the Lord has taken (down) the walls of hurt, in me and my husband. Both of us have let these walls stand, holding Christ at a distance from us. I understand, as does my husband, God put this process in our lives to tear down things we could not even imagine where there. The way He has worked by taking both groups of men and women through the process separately, is simply amazing.  God has surely anointed you to assist in the process of helping His people to stop hurting each other, to accept each other as the gift He created us to be to each other.  The process on the fear of the Lord is beyond measure helpful in lowering the walls and allowing a person to let that heart He gave us become the altar He can continue to mold us from."

Blanche Johnson

Genesis Program Participant, Canada

"God is doing some amazing, life-changing things in people through this Genesis Program. I have 1 gal who went off all her anti-depressive drugs as well as others (to the tune of 5 kinds of pills) and is a totally different person than she was last September! And she is spreading the word to her friends- so I'm keeping plenty busy!"

Chris Sullivan

Genesis Program Participant


"The first time I was taken through the process I began to change as I could approach patterns of thinking which had been so destructive in my life with new confidence of change. In working each step of the process you are enlightened of how you have allowed yourself to believe those things which enabled you to survive the past. These things are no longer necessary, yet your thought patterns and beliefs no longer realize this. What a life-changing discovery that has been in my life. The Genesis Process and the grace and mercy of God open insight to the true levels of deception you are constantly battling. Once I saw my true battle was not truth, but (rather) things I had come to believe to survive, I could begin to embrace the truth of God's forgiving mercy and strength to start the process of erasing the deception that was causing me to steadily plummet downward away from the very things I desired to achieve for God. I am a pastor and I also teach Genesis to those battling control and destructive behavioral patterns in the church. It is wonderful seeing how it changes their thinking and life. 

By the time we were done I was exhausted and delivered from an affliction that was slowly killing me. For anyone who truly wants the healing hands of the Holy Spirit to deliver you from whatever issue has kept you from sanity and coming closer Christ; I strongly recommend you engage (The Genesis Process)."

Gay Block

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Missionary

"Life changing!

My week's class with Michael Dye's "Genesis Process" literally turned my life around! For many years I was not able to get a handle on why addictions seemed to run my life in directions I would certainly not choose to go. When I learned that I could actually have some control over the neuro-chemicals that dictated my moods, and began to comprehend the process of addiction, I found hope and understanding! Wonderful 'worksheets' keep me conscious if old patterns try to surface: Genesis covers all of the bases.

Then when a huge cluster of lies I bought as a child were uncovered, I got to the very roots of all of my addictions. With the pain healed, there is now no need to hide from anything, and life has taken on huge new joy and meaning. I had worked years to produce minimal behavioral changes, but a just a few moments of prayer and the subsequent healings changed me from the ground up forever!

I am not the same person! What joy! I am free indeed!"


Genesis Process Participant, Portland Rescue Mission

"Eight months ago, I began an amazing journey called The Genesis Process. Upon initially browsing through the subjects I would be dealing with I immediately thought, "I don't want to do this." I also knew I had to have the motivation for my recovery. I genuinely began working through the process. The results have been amazing in my life. I am now able to control the many false beliefs about myself that I had stored into my brain. These false beliefs had led to many compulsive behavior relapses. I dealt with the many deep resentments I had openly and honestly. The Lord was with me as I reviewed my life history from birth to my current age of fifty. Reliving these major events was painful at times, but the immeasurable load lifted was worth it.

The last process is perfectly named "Exodus". The entire Genesis Process led me out of captivity and into a new life."


Genesis Program Participant, Portland Rescue Mission

"Upon glancing at the Genesis Process book, I found myself feeling very ambivalent. I felt a lot of fear over the onions that would have to be peeled, yet found myself with a lot of hope. If your desire is to learn how to live life and relate to people in a very healthy and godly way, then I can think of nothing better than to go through The Genesis Process. The tools are beyond value, as I now have a way to see danger in my life before it is too late. As you go through the Genesis Process, have an open mind and be prepared to heal."

"I know the Genesis process works!!!  God is in it!  Just want you to know, (my husband) is working Genesis two times a week with his men's group. The changes in him are major. He recently stated, "I don't have to worry about meeting my needs anymore, I can spend my time loving you." Wow! And, I've been meeting with a young woman weekly doing The Genesis Process. We are both growing. I have done exercises on myself and made new discoveries. I have done exercises with our son and had breakthroughs. The Genesis Process has become part of our life and I hope to share it with many others."


Genesis Program Participant, Seattle


Genesis Program Participant, Canada

"I found The Genesis Process absolutely phenomenal, and that it provides the tools that are missing from other types of help programs, to allow people who are REALLY willing to work for it, to be free.  After years of anxiety & depression and searching for help through counseling, deliverance, cleansing stream, etc., including things like cognitive behavioral counseling, learning to think positively, etc., and being truly willing to work but not finding that these other things helped tons, I found that The Genesis Process actually gave me the proper tools to really help me.  Now I've been off of medication and panic attack free, able to really keep my anxiety in check more than ever before, for about a year and a half now.  I use Genesis Process techniques on myself regularly, and have done a bit of Genesis Process here and there (not the full formal program at all) with friends who were looking for freedom.

Kate and Aldin say that they use The Genesis Process tools constantly in working with street people/prostitutes and the "Love Lives Here" bus.  Going through The Genesis Process helped them both personally in a powerful way. They are hoping that we can have more groups available to help some of the people getting saved through what they are doing. They see a need for a program to take people from "street to church" and they think that Genesis would provide that.

There is a man in my church who went through this process at the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle and is now leading a small group at our church. When I read through the book, it was like God spoke to me and said, "This is what you have been searching for!" I believe this program addresses a missing link in the church that I have been craving. We always hear how we are "supposed to be" in Christ -- but training in the process is often missing. I believe God is calling me to start a women's group in my church -- not just for addiction -- but for strategic and proactive growth in Christ, especially for those suffering from problems that prevent them from achieving their full potential in Him.

We had three marriages that were in the process of divorce that are now back together after going through the Change Books; I think that is a genuine miracle."