For the past 10 years rescue missions have been implementing the Genesis Process as the core counseling section of the their programs.  Typically, they find dramatic increases in client recovery and retention rates of at least 33 – 50 % within the first year.  Below are statistics and endorsements from some of these places.  

Phoenix Rescue Mission

3 Years using Genesis


Retention Rate
Before: 19%
After: 55%
↑ 36%

Recovery Rate

Completion Rate
Before: 18%
After: 44%
26% ↑

Since implementing Genesis we have seen dramatic increases in both client success and recovery rates.  Even those who relapse quickly return to us, eager for help to get back into recovery.  Before Genesis, we would never hear from them again!
— Bobby Gardner Jr., Men’s Program Director

Portland Rescue Mission

10 years Using Genesis

Recovery Rate

Genesis has become the core of our recovery counseling and tools.  As men go through the processes, they discover and resolve the childhood traumas that have fueled their addictions.  Genesis also gives them tools and skills to build healthy relationships and maintain long term recovery.
— Rev. Charles Romanic, Recovery Education Specialist, Men’s Program

St. Paul Union Gospel Mission

3 years using Genesis

Recovery Rate
Before: 30%
After: 70%
↑ 40% ↑

Spokane Union Gospel Mission

3 Years Using Genesis

Recovery Rate

I am a strong believer in the Genesis Process.  It’s the best tool I’ve seen for bringing healing to the core wounds of our program men.  Because it is Biblically based, it supports our ministry’s goal of helping them grow in relationship to Jesus.  Our staff use Genesis in their own personal recovery journey.  Several have taken it to their churches, and some use it with family members.
— Jerry Reese, Program Manager

Gilead Foundations, Devon UK

Recovery Rate: 89%
Retention Rate: 50%

2 years after Genesis
92% of those who completed the program
48% of those who entered the program

2 years before Genesis
42% of those who completed the program
23% of those who entered the program


105% increase for those who finish the program
107% increase for those who were in the program

With the new application screening, the completion rates jumped from 13% to 50%

Other Recovery Rates and Endorsements


Santa Barbara Rescue Mission
Santa Barbara, CA

Recovery Rate: 90%
Retention Rate: 60%


Rescue Mission of Salt Lake
Salt Lake City, UT

Recovery Rate: 80%

Gospel Rescue Mission, Arizona

 “Our retention rates have more than doubled since starting Genesis.  It is a solid recovery program that combines everything I’ve learned from 25 years of counseling.  The worksheets give the men practical tools to work on their recovery.  It is making a remarkable difference in their lives.   I can’t say enough good things about it.
— Stan Hamnett, M.A., LISAC, Men’s Program Director

Jubilee Youth Ranch, Washington

I am pleased to endorse Genesis.  Using a Christ-centered approach for treatment, it is the most effective tool I’ve seen for helping clients to address their faulty beliefs and addictive behavior patterns.  My adolescent clients are able to make real changes in their lives by using the information and tools from the workbook.
— Allegra A. Garcia, Intern

Roanoke Rescue Mission, Virginia

The Genesis Process is an awesome relationship building tool that helps clients gain vital insights into their behaviors. It replaces a life of shame and guilt with real hope that sustains the change!
— Mark Henry, Genesis Coordinator, MS

Union Gospel Mission, Oregon

When I first went through the Genesis training 10 years ago, it showed me what had been missing in my own recovery journey. As a Genesis counselor, I’ve seen women use it to make miraculous changes in their lives.   I can’t say enough about how great it is.
— Crisanne Riordan, CADC I, Women's Ministry Director

Genesis at the Everett Rescue Mission

The year of 2011

Introductory program COMPLETION rate: 80%
Genesis Recovery program RETENTION rate:  92%
Genesis program relapses for the year:  2
Program relapses over the holidays:  0