The One-on-One Counseling Process: Understanding the mystery of relapse

The Bible tells us that trying to change behaviors without changing internal thought/belief structures is an exercise in exhaustion that usually leads to relapse. The Genesis Process recognizes that a person's self destructive behavior is the expression of their beliefs, so changing/healing faulty belief systems will reduce craving and prevent relapse. If you can stop the brain from producing craving you can prevent relapse. Genesis tools have been shown to be effective for anyone stuck in self-defeating behavior patterns who truly want to change.

Genesis is not designed as a self-help book. This Genesis Process relies on the insight of a trained Genesis counselor in conjunction with the Client Workbook to address the subconscious self-sabotaging patterns, the result is a personal relapse prevention treatment plan that works. The process is approximately 16 weeks.

Relapse Prevention Individual Workbook

Counselor Manuals are only available at the Counselor Trainings.

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