Mystery of Addictive Behavior CD

Taught by Genesis Associate, Dean Perry (

A six-week Genesis Process introductory class for those who are beginning to think about change.  Each session uses a combination of powerpoint, video, and self-discovery questions to introduce key Genesis concepts, including the basics of the brain and the Double Bind worksheet.  By the end of this class, participants will understand why they do the very thing they don’t want to do and what it takes to be able to change. The CD includes 5 powerpoint sessions, participant handouts, and a facilitator’s guide.  


Session 1: Is There Hope for Me?
Session 2: What is an Addiction?
Session 3: What’s Broken in the Brain?
Session 4: The Double Bind Worksheet
Session 5: Origins of Addictive Behavior
Session 6: Healing What Drives the Addictive Behavior



Introduction Facilitators Guide
Session 1 Facilitator’s Guide
Session 1 Class Presentation

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Genesis Program Manual Series:  FRAMEWORK

Staff of recovery programs will be able to use this second volume of the Genesis Program Manual Series to fully implement the Genesis Process by Michael Dye. It contains distinctives of a Genesis program, a full program model, tips for designing each phase, and interactive questions for recovery teams to build their own unique program from application to aftercare.  Cost – $30

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