Genesis counselor training seminars consist of five days (40 hours) of intensive, interactive, classroom style teaching, punctuated with individual and group exercises.

The seminar content targets strategies and techniques that have proven effectiveness. It is geared specifically for those who treat people that have a history of reoccurring self- destructive behavior. During the training each participant will go through the process themselves and will be give a comprehensive counselors manual to assist them after the training.

With Genesis Process training, professional and lay counselors alike will refine their skills, increase their effectiveness, and benefit from personal growth, along with their clients. Those who complete the training are eligible for Genesis Process Training Certification after submitting a case study to show competency.

The training is focused on practical tools and skills that really work to both heal the person and prevent relapse.


  • Neurochemical reasons why relapse is both pervasive and unconscious
  • Assessment strategies to determine your client’s willingness and capacity to change
  • Uncovering and challenging faulty belief systems that support destructive behaviors
  • The counselor will learn and practice how to partner with God to bring the client to true Biblical inner healing and freedom
  • How to help your client learn to turn mistakes, even relapse, into positive learning and growth experiences
  • Simple formulas and exercises your clients can apply in everyday situations to keep them from sabotaging their recovery and relationships
  • How to facilitate Genesis Change Groups that can be used in a variety of situations including the Church
  • Concise, powerful therapy techniques that go beyond symptoms to address root causes of behavior
  • How to help clients understand unconscious "dry relapse" patterns that begin weeks or months before an actual relapse experience
  • How to collaborate with clients to integrate new understandings into a lifestyle that virtually guarantees success and prevent relapse
  • Keys to promoting steady growth in seven critical areas
  • How to administer deep, spiritual, inner healing to your client to help free them from the negative effects of their families, memories, wounds, and previous destructive behaviors

Genesis is able to accurately predict a relapse a minimum of two weeks before it happens by a device called the FASTER SCALE.