The Genesis Process provides a Biblical and neurochemical understanding of what is broken and causes our self-destruction.

If we don't first understand what is broken, how can we devise a recovery plan that really works? We believe the best evangelism is a changed life. Therefore it is the goal of The Genesis Process and Programs to be intimately involved as part of the body of Christ in the Great Commission through the successful restoration of broken lives.


For the first time in history we are beginning to understand what is broken when we continue to do self-destructive behaviors (addictions).

The Bible and other literature have told us for literally thousands of years that if we want to change who we are and what we do, we have to change our heart. New understanding from brain research shows us how trauma (abuse and neglect) can distort who we are and what we believe and thus how we act. Genesis is intentional about initiating lasting heart (brain) changes, thus bringing healing to what drives destructive behavior rather than just coping with it. 


Michael is a product of the sixties and seventies.


Like so many others he got caught up in the 60's and 70's search for the truth and the meaning of life. He spent twelve years studying and practicing many religions and philosophies.

After becoming a Christian in 1979 his focus shifted to helping hurting and addicted people change. He wanted answers as to why people who were stuck in destructive compulsive behaviors were unable to change.

He pioneered many ministries including a soup kitchen, a mental hospital outreach, cult deprogramming, and drug and alcohol rehabs. In 1987 Michael and his wife Cathy became full time missionaries with Youth With A Mission, where they had an opportunity to work with addicts in many cultural settings around the world.

One common experience prevailed:
hopelessness and chronic relapse.

Michael decided to go back to school in search of some answers as to why people who wanted to change were not able to change. He graduated from the University Of The Nations Addictive Behavioral School and the Bethany College State Addictions Certification Program and has over six thousand hours of continuing education in the field. He became a California, National Level II and International Certified Addictions Counselor.

In 1989 Michael and his wife Cathy opened their own residential treatment program and in 1995 became the Program Director for the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission, a large one year residential program for eighty men and women. It was in these settings that he was able to apply his research and experience to develop the Genesis Process for relapse prevention.

In 2000, due to the success of this program, Michael has been working full time training counselors and churches in Genesis Counseling skills. Along with his private practice he works as a consultant to integrate Genesis into a variety of programs and churches. He currently lives in Ventura CA.


Change Group Stories

I got to the very roots of all of my addictions. With the pain healed, there is now no need to hide from anything, and life has taken on huge new joy and meaning.
— Gay, Genesis Participant
As a pastor I have found the Genesis Change Process to be one of the most powerful and effective tools in helping people in our community understand what is at the root of their inability to change.... The curriculum gives practical tools to move beyond their pains and addictions to discover what true freedom in Christ can look like.
— Ben Thomas, Pastor at Imago Dei Community (Portland)

Relapse Prevention Stories

What I’ve seen over and over is that grace takes time, it’s inconvenient and costly, but it transforms. The Genesis Process really works for those who desire to change.
— Dean Perry, Program Director at Everett Rescue Mission
In my 20+ years in Rescue work, nothing has led serious addicts to lasting recovery more effectively than the Genesis Process combined with an environment of grace.  Our mission has never experienced the results we’ve seen in the last 5 years.
— Phil Altmeyer, CEO of Spokane Rescue Mission

For the past 10 years, rescue missions utilizing the Genesis Process have seen dramatic increases in client recovery and retention rates of
at least 33-50 % within the first year.

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