Dean Perry

Program Director at Everett Rescue Mission and Genesis Associate

"Michael says "The best evangelism is a changed life." So this seminar with Snohomish County is getting quite a billing because of the changes seen in EGM graduates lives.  It's now being called the "How to help people change with non-aggressive techniques" and being promoted throughout the agencies.  Some key people have seen the Genesis workbook and love it.  It's being talked about as part of the 2 year plan to end homelessness, etc. and could even have a rep from the Gates foundation there.  That's how hungry people are to find something that works and can actually break the cycle of homelessness and addiction.  SO...please keep me in your prayers.  I'm a little terrified since expectations are one of my own limbic triggers, but...I am really excited about it too.  This is the kind of opportunity I've been praying for."

From the Front lineS

"I want to quit the program, get a job, and find a place of my own.  I've never been homeless before and I'm tired of depending on others for what I should be doing for myself." I've heard this feeling expressed many times during my 11 years of ministering to people with addictions.  For many this comes around the third month.  In his support group, where we were able to help him deal with the roots of his struggle.

"What is it that you are trying to avoid by quitting the program and rushing back to work?" I asked him.  He then nailed it right on the head: "Feeling like a failure." The problem with sobriety is that all the guilt, shame, anger and remorse from the years of addiction slams the conscience with unrelenting pain.  However, the crisis of circumstance can lead to the life changing crisis of faith.  Fortunately for this man, he has begun to understand and respond to the grace of God through the gospel.  "So how does the Gospel speak to your belief that you're a failure?  What's Jesus say?" He paused, and then replied, "I don't know."

What followed is that magic moment of a teachable heart, not only for him, but also for the other guys in the group.  I then got to explain how the gospel is not just something we respond to at the start of our faith, but as it says in Romans 1, it is the power of God's sanctifying work in our lives as Christians.  This man started to then feel the impact that Jesus bore his failures, and in God's eyes, he has a perfect record of righteousness in Christ.  He now has peace about staying in the program and letting God transform his life.  Some days I really love my job.  Then there are other times....

The Power of Grace

The first two days after the July 4th weekend, I was ready to go back to selling shoes.  One of our residents had gone AWOL for 3 days, and two relapsed.  This wasn't in the planner!  What to do?  Each man expressed sorrow for his behavior and desired to continue with the program.  Sound like a familiar event in the lives of addicts?  Can this cyclical behavior actually become an opportunity for real change?  This is where the grace environment of The Genesis Process comes in.  Each man met with our Program Committee (consisting of 2 program members and 3 staff) to determine if they should continue with the program, and if so, under what conditions.  Each one seemed to express true sorrow and repentance, and they were allowed to continue with the program.  However, there was some soul searching work to do involving counseling and accountability.  The result has been that each man has gone deeper and gotten more honest in his recovery program. What we practice is really the discipline and restoration process Jesus gave us in Matthew 18 and Galatians 6.  It really works for those who desire to change. 

What I've seen over and over is that grace takes time, it's inconvenient and costly, but it transforms."

Harold Thompson

Pastor and Jail Chaplain, Kentucky

"Just wanted to say how awesome the newest books are! We have taken this into the prison; (my associate) is teaching Change Book #1 and I am teaching #2. To watch the transformation happening in these guys lives is awesome. Only thing we do is show up and GOD does the rest. A couple of weeks or so ago, we had 7 guys accept CHRIST right in the middle of the process. This process really works. A lot of these guys have been in and out of prison so much and they are just now understanding why they keep returning to their old behaviors. GOD has really used you to come up with an awesome process. To watch the freedom these people are getting is beyond words!"


Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Missionary, Switzerland

"I'm so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to teach The Genesis Process in Africa. Before going to Africa I had nearly no teaching experience. In Africa I had to teach 5 days, for about two and a half hours in the morning. Every day God gave me what to say and everything went very well. Students received revelations in many areas and were really grateful to receive this teaching. Addiction is an increasing problem in Africa. One of the students was a former Hashish addict. He had just quit using 3 months before. The teaching + exercises on double binds was powerful, road to the wounds, belief systems, accountability, faster scale etc... some people committed themselves to get out of isolation, and live their lives connected to others and be accountable. I was really glad on how we progressed during the week. At the end, I received several invitations to consider teaching The Genesis Process in the future in different places. God used me to motivate people to do something for their land in the field on counseling and addictive behavior."

Dr. Darvin Smith, M.D.

Director of Addictive Behaviors, International University of the Nations

President of ISAAC (Intl. Substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition)

"The Genesis Process provides a practical guide for counselors and clients to develop an innovative and effective relapse prevention program using Biblical principles and the latest brain chemistry research. The major challenge in treating addictions is to reduce relapse while integrating them into a healthy lifestyle. I recommend this process to all those who are relapse-prone and want sobriety and a changed life." 

Dr. Jean LaCour, Ph.D., CAPP

Dean of Net Training Institute for Addiction Studies

"At last, a relapse prevention process based on client participation, counseling techniques. A dramatic combination of Biblical principles for change, neurochemistry and the latest recovery tools. Social integration is fostered through a directive, individual, counseling relationship. Clients gain insight into subconscious wounds that have driven their addiction behaviors. This workbook is appropriate for both residential and out-patient settings."


Ted Roberts

Senior Pastor, East Hill Foursquare Church in Oregon

"The "Genesis Process" is a gift from God. It's relevant, biblically balanced, and profoundly practical. It is able to help folks who may have lost hope not only find it again, but also for them to experience the Grace of God. Michael Dye has caught the heart of God in a marvelous way."


"The Genesis Process is a God-given tool that allows a person to move from the so prevalent religiosity to real freedom, healing and wholeness in Christ.  It is also a very transferrable process that can be taught to others enabling a multiplied counseling ministry in the church and community.  The newly written workbook for Change Groups is easily implemented with remarkable results.  Those who have found healing and wholeness by working through The Genesis Process themselves are eagerly recruiting others for Change Groups, which they now lead or participate in.  I highly recommend the process, the materials, and the teacher as biblical, practical and God's genuine gifts to the church and to the lost world around us.  This process is key to our strategy to reclaim lost territory and broken hurting people for our Lord."


Bob Barnett

Senior Pastor, Woodstock Bible Church in Illinois

Jerry Beres

Founding Pastor, Meadow Springs Community Church in Oregon

“Dean Perry introduced our church to The Genesis Process as the leadership was wrestling with how to help people who are “stuck” in life.  Although The Genesis Process is used heavily in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we have found that those are just two ‘drugs of choice’ among many more ‘drugs”, such as anger, anxiety, food, shopping, control, gambling, pornography, numbing out, etc.  We find that the application of the principles of The Genesis Process helps people discover and deal with the things that cause them to be trapped in behaviors that are keeping them from being what God designed them to be.   Our Genesis Change Group ministry is becoming one of the foundational ministries at the church.  I highly recommend The Genesis Process and Genesis Change groups to you.”

Jan Marshall

Director, Shepherd's Door Women's Program

"As we, at Shepherd's Door, have watched our clients enter the Genesis portion of their program we have seen a remarkable thing happen. Women are truly emotionally courageous as they face the false belief system, choose to walk through the pain of memory, walk through the grief the memory initiates then choose to forgive. In The Genesis Process we have witnessed supernatural healing from the Lord with those who choose to embrace truth. It has made a profound difference in our program."

Jeff Nichols

Pastor, Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Marin

"I've been a pastor for over 18 years and the main issue I have struggled with is how do I help people make deep and lasting changes and become conformed to the image of Christ? Having discovered The Genesis Process I now feel like I have the answer.  One woman in our fellowship said that though she has attended all types of recovery programs, nothing went as deep and was as helpful as The Genesis Process.  Another person became reunited with our fellowship after finally finding the help to break the power of her reoccurring anger. People from all walks of life are coming and are finding freedom to finally be the person God has called them to be through The Genesis Process for Change Groups.  Having finished book 1, we have people eager to work through book 2.  I've never seen such enthusiasm and willingness from our people to be real and work on deep and life-changing issues. It has given us all renewed hope! The Genesis Process provides practical and solidly theologically based material that helps us get at the root of why we do the very things we don't want to do.  It helps us discover that by making church a safe place for hurting people, they can become the people that God intended them to be.   I whole heartedly recommend it!"


"A year ago, our church found out about The Genesis Process training and have sent 8 of our members to get the training. Nine more of our members will get the training this week, plus 15 of our InterAct Missionaries from Alaska and Canada.  Truly God has used it to change our church and give us some practical tools to bring hope for meaningful change to all our lives. We hope God will use this wonderful tool in your lives and the lives of those to whom you minister as well."

David and Marci Joseph

Alaska Field Director, InterAct Ministries, Inc. 

Dr. Patrick J. Clinton

Director of Church and Community Services, Rockford Rescue Mission

"Many of you know the passionate forty-year commitment of the Rockford Rescue Mission to “rescue, recover, and restore” those controlled and being destroyed by their choices and addictive behavior. We are determined to increase our non-relapse percentage. I recently returned from a weeklong seminar/workshop at the Portland Rescue Mission with Michael Dye, CADC and NCAC II. Michael's intensive, experiential instruction and practical application tools convinced all of us (Christians working in rescue missions, churches, and secular programs) that the seminar was personally enriching and that The Genesis Process techniques and tools raised our hopes for those we serve. The Genesis Process is quite different: it targets both the addiction and the underlying issues that support it. It is both professional and biblical."


Dr. Solange Freyd-Harleaux

Addiction Specialist, France

"Having a medical training in the addiction field, I highly recommend The Genesis Recovery and Relapse Prevention Program. It contains the most important and recent theories on addiction. They are easily stated, so everyone can understand and put them into practice. It links with biblical principles and faith-based recovery programs. It also includes a systemic approach and this is very important during a recovery program: it helps the person to have understanding, encouragement, and support."


Rev. Charles E. Romanic

Men's Program Director, Portland Rescue Mission

"(The Genesis Process) has been the single most important tool added to our program in the past five years. It has uniquely enhanced and focused our recovery program.
We are able to openly identify the lies of life that keep our clients in bondage and to transform their minds by the truths of God's word and the direction of God's Spirit. It assists us in building open accountability and support with other Christian believers who are able to meet with our men and discuss core heart issues that bring new life through the experience of living differently according to the truth.
Since adding this component to our program we have seen significant increases in the performance of our program graduates. Prior to using Genesis, 38% of our graduates would experience longterm recovery and a life of Christian faith (for more than 2 years). After implementing The Genesis Process, our longterm rates have climbed to 70%. There is also an increased stability within the program due to men acknowledging the true condition of their hearts as they explore new truths in this process.

If you are seeking an answer to how to improve the internal stability of the (people) in your program and a way to increase the longterm success of your graduates, then you cannot go wrong by utilizing The Genesis Process as a major component of your recovery program."


Dr. Raj Bhatti

Executive Director, Freedom Christian Transitional Aftercare Program

Jesus Is The Way Prison Ministry, Illinois

"We have been using The Genesis Process for the past one and a half years and we have found it to be an extremely useful tool for rehabilitation. Most of our residents say that it is an eye opener for them. It puts in perspective the What, Why, When and How of addictive and compulsive behaviors. It gives insights and helps to see addiction problems from the angles they've never seen before. It is the enlightening and life-changing experience that we've always been looking for. It empowers the residents to lead victorious lives in Jesus, being a Bible-based manual."