The Genesis Process for Change Groups addresses biblically a fundamental struggle in all our lives: the struggle to change.

The Genesis Group can help those who are willing to change be able to change. The goal of the process is to identify the subconscious fears (which are actually survival belief systems) that control our self-destructive behavior and emotions and resolve them. Whether the issue is anxiety, anger, alcohol, drug or food abuse, sex, a negative, critical attitude, or spiritual stagnation, The Genesis Process will help you find new freedom that lasts.

Book 1 examines the how unresolved, hurtful experiences sabotage our attempts to change. The Processes are laid out in Book 1 with the goal of establishing safe relationships, understanding what has been sabotaging attempts at success which will prepare participants for the deeper, inner healing work in Book 2.

Book 2 provides tools for healing old wounds and for letting go of the coping behaviors they produce. Wounds produce subconscious fears that ends up controlling our behaviors. Fear is overcome by faith and faith requires learning to trust again. The Processes are based on the premise that our deepest wounds happened in relationship and are, therefore, best healed through opposite experiences in safe, loving relationships. We cannot change alone.

The Genesis Process blends sound biblical principles and the latest understanding of the brain with the author’s many years of experience as an addictions counselor. These books are written for Christians with the goal of making them and their churches safe for hurting people. This unique, effective process is easy to apply to real life and is easy to implement.

The Genesis Change Group DVDs are designed to help both group members and group facilitators understand and effectively implement the Genesis Process for Personal Change. These videos help the group follow the rules and standards, which have proven to make the group successful. What you will get in these videos by the author Michael Dye: 

  • An introduction to both Book 1 and 2 to understand the principals and standards that has made the Genesis Process so successful in helping people who want to change be able to change.
  • A short introduction by the author to each of the 20 processes for the group explaining the goals of the process and the most important points to focus on.

Facilitator Videos

  • A general introduction to help the facilitators understand the dynamics of what makes for a successful group.
  • A short intro for each process called – The Facilitators Focus – to help the leader to focus on the most important principals for change in each process.
  • Page by page instructions through the Individual Workbook.
  • Skill reviews to help the facilitator in running the group.

Note: These DVDs are formatted to the New Combined Editions page numbers. For a page number cross-reference template for the previous edition, click here.

Change Group Individual Workbook

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Change Group Facilitator Guide

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Change Group DVDs

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