Genesis Change Groups are changing not just people's lives, but their families and legacies as well. 

Women's Group

When I read through the book, it was like God spoke to me and said, "This is what you have been searching for!" I believe this program addresses a missing link in the church that I have been craving. I believe God is calling me to start a women's group in my church, not just for addiction, but for strategic and proactive growth in Christ, especially for those suffering from problems that prevent them from achieving their full potential in Him.

Sara, Change Group facilitator


Because of the Genesis study, I'm finally becoming the women God intended me to be.

Linda, Portland 


At Harvest City Church in Regina, Canada we have been using the tools and training of Genesis Process for over 13 years now. 
The biblical principles and concepts of Genesis are now very much apart of our DNA as a church and as a leadership team. The majority of our leadership team has at some point taken the week long training or been apart of our change groups, including our lead Pastor and his wife. We currently take individuals through the workbooks, run Change Groups and have an Inner Healing team that ministers once a month on a Sunday morning to individuals. This has given people opportunity to use their gifting, and see their healed pain become someone else's gain by ministering to the hurting in our church and community. Our congregation is experiencing that this is a safe place to bring friends, family, those in their workplace to get help without any pressure to attend a church service after. And as a result of finding healing and a safe community, they often connect in and become apart of our church family. 
Change Groups have brought healing to many, as well as friendships and relationships that carry on long past our groups ending. 
The Genesis Process has helped us as a church to be healthier, and to have more compassion, understanding and grace for each other and for those hurting around us. As a part of the Pastoral team at HCC, I can’t imagine doing church without Genesis! 
-Deborah Lachance


Tools/Change Group

When I first joined, I thought I was going to help my husband who is an alcoholic. After hearing I could only use "I" statements over and over again, I almost quit! But I didn't. I was angry that I had to be working on me and he wasn't doing anything.  Anyway, after going through it a second time, I started using the challenges and commitments and other things I had learned for myself and my husband without him realizing it. Not long ago he went to a local hospital that has a program for addicts and he just told me the other day that he wants to join the Genesis Process group. God is amazing. He works in ways we could not have imagined.  Those of us who will be going through it a third time (facilitators) and we have some coming back from this time, are ready to help encourage others through their struggles as we continue walking with Him in our journey. I am amazed at how each time we find more and more things trapped in our limbic system that need to be worked on. I am thrilled to be a blessing to others but even more I find I am blessed the most through others.

Karen Fromet, Change Group Participant


A Genesis Process change group is...For change. The Genesis Process is for anyone who is stuck in a rut and wants to change their destructive behavior. This includes, but is not limited to: being critical and judgmental, codependency, religiosity (legalism), drug or alcohol abuse, food, anxiety, anger, sex addiction, secrets, workaholism, isolation, or any negative behavior or emotion that you use to cope.



I've been a pastor for over 18 years and the main issue I have struggled with is how do I help people make deep and lasting changes and become conformed to the image of Christ? Having discovered the Genesis Process I now feel like I have the answer. One woman in our fellowship said that though she has attended all types of recovery programs, nothing went as deep and was as helpful as Genesis. Another person became reunited with our fellowship after finally finding the help to break the power of her reoccurring anger. People from all walks of life are coming and are finding freedom to finally be the person God has called them to be through the Genesis Process for Change Groups. I've never seen such enthusiasm and willingness from our people to be real and work on deep and life changing issues. It has given us all renewed hope! Genesis provides practical and solidly theologically based material that helps us get at the root of why we do the very things we don't want to do. It helps us discover that by making church a safe place for hurting people, they can become the people that God intended them to be. I whole heartedly recommend it!

Jeff Nichols, pastor, marin

Anxiety & Depression

I found Genesis absolutely phenomenal, and that it provides the tools that are missing from other types of help programs, to allow people who are REALLY willing to work for it, to be free. After years of anxiety & depression and searching for help through counseling, I found that Genesis actually gave me the proper tools to really help me. Now I've been off of medication and panic attack free, able to really keep my anxiety in check more than ever before, for about a year and a half now. I use Genesis techniques on myself regularly, and have done a bit of Genesis here and there with friends who were looking for freedom.

Karen, change group participant, Seattle


...We had three marriages that were in the process of divorce that are now back together after going through the Change Books, I think that is a genuine miracle.

Debbie, Change Group Facilitator, Canada


We are still using your (The Genesis Change Books) in the prisons and it has impacted a lot of lives. I have been teaching it for three or even maybe four years and it is still profound every time we go in. I have been a minister for some time and GOD never ceases to amaze me and (He) honors this program. The judges and other administrators have really (taken) notice to this program and we have a lot of eyes on us, which is good because the only thing they are seeing is JESUS at work and they are blown away by it.

Harold Thompson, change group facilitator


Your support and help is appreciated and we have many success stories. I have introduced Genesis Process into our Jails, and have had people join a group when they get out. Your work is often acknowledged as the best recovery training for addiction and for other compulsive behaviors.
Thanks  Jeff Lyon

Women's Change Group

"I now have restored hope and faith in God and others. I feel peaceful and content. I have a vision for my life and can really see that God can use me and that He has a plan for my life."

"I feel like I've been pulled from a dark hole and I never want to go back again. I realize I can't rescue everyone around me. I have to be saved by God first and trust him with those I love".

Elizabeth felt like God has shown her a lot of "why she does the things she does".  She could see areas that were big at the beginning of the book become so much less of a struggle even by the middle of the book. Her husband was so impressed he asked me to get him his own book. 

We finished another Genesis Change Book with a group of about 25. This is about the 10th time through book one. Good stuff, each time through I learn something different. God certainly gave you the material.

David Brock PhD, Professional Therapist, Anchorage Alaska


I have experienced a profound and unwavering sense of peace ever since the Protective Personality Exercise was completed. I have never been one for religious stuff as far as being able to sense demons or spirits, and maybe with reason since I had one residing near me or in my mind, but I was wondering if during that exercise where we brought to mind the protective personality, if during your prayer you might have cast out any demonic forces. I saw a dark force walk away from me during that exercise and then when you prayed truth into us, I have felt an unbelievable sense of peace ever since. Even when I try and recall the energy I would get from lust I just feel at peace, as if I don't need that anymore. Even later that night, I heard Jesus whisper in my heart, "You're free my son, you're free." This experience is so profound that I'm having a hard time not sharing it with everyone and wondering if it could be possible that I, as a believer of 17 years, could have put Jesus in a box with limited power and love.

Brent Acajabon, change group participant


In my current change group, one of the ladies shared that she no longer feels like not being here on earth. For a great number of years she always felt like she didn't belong here and wanted the Lord to just take her. After finishing book 1, and now in book 2, her praise report is that she no longer feels that way. She doesn't go to that place of despair. How awesome is that?! And, she is also on the road to getting her GED. This is something she has not told anyone, including her husband. We all encouraged her to get it and when she tested to get back into school, she tested at college level. So amazing!

Stacy, Change Group Facilitator


Thank you for providing the Genesis Process materials. I've found the material invaluable in my recovery from alcoholism. I attend A.A meetings and have a sponsor that I talk to daily but it's the Genesis Process that has helped me the most, particularly in the areas of forgiveness and resentments. Thank God for His deliverance! I've gone through both books as a group member and am now facilitating a group.

Gary Reed, Change Group Participant


Dean Perry introduced our church to the Genesis Process as the leadership was wrestling with how to help people who are “stuck” in life. Although the Genesis Process is used heavily in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we have found that those are just two ‘drugs of choice’ among many more ‘drugs”, such as anger, anxiety, food, shopping, control, gambling, pornography, numbing out, etc. We find that the application of the principles of Genesis Process helps people discover and deal with the things that cause them to be trapped in behaviors that are keeping them from being what God designed them to be. Our Genesis Change Group ministry is becoming one of the foundational ministries at the church. I highly recommend the Genesis Process and Genesis Change groups to you.

Jerry Beres, Founding Pastor, Meadow Springs 


Going through Genesis process has helped me work through so many personal issues.  Knowing "why I do what I do" has enabled me to let God heal in the places that needed to be healed. The healing process isn't easy, but having other people be a part of that in a real, honest way makes the journey possible. The accountability aspect of Genesis helps make the program successful.  That’s when real change happens - when I begin to take risks and do things I never thought I'd be able to do. That gives me the hope and the motivation to continue to change.  The joy in watching others find freedom through leading groups has been encouraging and rewarding.

Karen, change group participant


She (is) was a self-mutilator. She would get stressed and cut herself. We completed the first book a couple of weeks ago and in the closure session I asked what was the most significant thing she got from Genesis - she silently held up her arms. She credits accountability and not having secrets as what has freed her.

My other girl has just turned 17, she's brilliant, literally, and is under incredible pressure to succeed, mostly from herself. Her grades tailed off last semester and she actually failed Physics, she was hiding it from her parents and her biggest blessing has been "the right thing to do is sometimes the hard thing to do, and if you do what is right GOD WILL BLESS IT".  She says that Genesis has helped to improve her family relationships, that she is also not keeping secrets. She recently told her parents a secret about her brother that had been feeding her depression. Both the girls now know that they have tools to help them manage their lives and I have seen their demeanor change completely, they are happy now, they were not happy when they came in.

April, Change Group Facilitator

Grace/Sexual Addiction

The "Genesis Process for Change Groups" is a gift from God. It's a relevant, biblically balanced, and profoundly practical. It is able to help folks who may have lost hope not only find it again, but also for them to experience the Grace of God. Michael Dye has caught the heart of God in a marvelous way. 

Ted Roberts, Author Founder of Pure Desire Ministries, Portland, Oregon

Genesis Processes

The Genesis Process is a God-given tool that allows a person to move from, the so prevalent religiosity, to real freedom, healing and wholeness in Christ. It is also a very transferable process that can be taught to others enabling a multiplied counseling ministry in the church and community. 

The workbook for Change Groups is easily implemented with remarkable results. Those who have found healing and wholeness by working through the Genesis Process themselves are eagerly recruiting others for change groups which they now lead or participate in. I highly recommend the process, the materials and the teacher as biblical, practical and God's genuine gifts to the church and to the lost world around us. This process is key to our strategy to reclaim lost territory and broken hurting people for our Lord.

Bob Barnett, Senior Pastor, Woodstock Bible Church, Illinois