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products training updates Nov 04, 2021

2021 was full of innovation and growth for Genesis Relapse Prevention Training.

Even though the pandemic closed the door on in-person training, it has been retooled for a live, virtual training using the Zoom platform. This new format made it possible for people to access live training from remote locations and form professional relationships for networking.

In 2021 Genesis has trained over 290 people as Genesis Relapse Prevention Coaches!

And the final Zoom training of the 2021 had 67 people from 14 states and 5 countries!

In the future, livestream training will continue to be an option for live training as well as regional in-person venues.

And you can sign up now for the first Livestream training of 2022 from January 24-28, taught by Dean Perry!

We also renamed the 40-hour counselor training (both on-demand and live) as Level 1: Genesis Coach Training. Many organizations already use that language to refer to the staff who complete the training, and it creates more clarity for those who completes the Genesis training and are professional, state-credentialed counselors.

We are currently retooling the old Genesis Certified Counselor process to include advanced training, mentoring, and skills assessment to offer as Level 2: Genesis Counselor Training. This change doesn't impact those who are already Certified Genesis Counselors, but they may benefit from the advanced courses as a refresher once they are offered.


Exciting things are happening in in Africa and Nepal with Genesis!

For years, Genesis has been supporting incredible ministries in developing countries as they come alongside wounded and hurting people - places like Ukraine, Micronesia, and India. 

And that list is now growing! The October Zoom Coach Training included people from Kenya, Zambia, and Nepal who want to use Genesis to meet the huge demand for help and hope from addiction among those who live in developing countries and remote locations.

They face many challenges: availability of materials, translation of the material, training of staff, systemic poverty, illiteracy, and even religious and cultural challenges in countries that aren't predominantly Christian.

But God is opening doors for Genesis, and here are two of the stories. Links to their webpages are included if you want to find out more.



Richard Matendura is a licensed addictions counselor who started using Genesis a few years ago. He has set up community-based recovery groups in villages and cities that use the Genesis tools to help people stabilize in sobriety and get to the core issues that drive their addiction. He has even been able to take his work into the prison system and bring recovery help to both prisoners and the guards.

His vision is to eventually create a Genesis rehab program on a farm so that people can live in a recovery community and learn practical skills to earn income once they return to their villages.

Richard's work has been noticed in other countries, and he currently has people from Zambia, Rwanda and Uganda asking for his help to create something similar for their communities.

If you want to find out more about his work, his vision, and his support needs, visit his website:

► Angaza Missions Mosocho | CBO []




Rev. Iwell Phiri is a pastor in Zambia who works with recovery ministries in Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. Richard will be visiting him from Kenya to help train workers from 12 villages in how to set up the community-based recovery model, using some of the key Genesis tools. Richard will then visit each village to get to know the community needs so that he can best support their work remotely after his return to Kenya.



Parasu Giri and Shon Maharjan have a residential recovery program just outside of Kathmandu called Vision Rehab. It is one of the few, if not the only, Christian recovery centers in Nepal.

They have used some of the basic Genesis Process in their work, and are looking to translate and become trained on the materials to adapt even more into their program. It is truly a faith ministry of very limited resources that offers help and hope for recovery in a place where there is not much available.

They currently have 22 male residents in their program, and room for 31. They want to open a women's program, but need to have a trained female staff to oversee it.

► Check out Vision Rehab Center's Facebook page


Let's all lift up some of their current needs in prayer: 

"Our prayer is, at the moment it’s a winter season, because of weather change clients gets sick with the common cold and fever. Pray for their health. Also keep in prayers for girl's rehab, as we don’t have staff. Even after we receive the client we are unable to keep them in our rehab. Pray for the staff. Also, please keep boys rehab in your prayer ,as we are having challenges for to provide food for them. Because most of the families of client are unable to pay the fees, so we are getting challenges to provide them the daily basic needs. Thank you for your prayer and concern for our rehab center."



And thank YOU for serving people the way you do. 

Genesis has never done any formal marketing, and yet it continues to grow. And that is all because of people like you, who faithfully serve day after day on the frontlines of ministry. Your work helping people find redemption, healing, and freedom is a beautiful picture of God's passionate love for hurting and broken people. 


Hopefully, Genesis Journals can help you serve people even better! 

We don't stay in recovery by accident - our lives should be full of change as we continually discover more about the plans God has for our lives. 

By continuing to use Genesis Process tools in everyday life, we can ensure that we don't slip backwards into the lives that we've worked so hard to leave behind. 

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." [A. Einstein]

The Genesis Journal was designed to help us stay far away from spiritual stagnation and close to our accountability partners. 

This journal is not merely be a self-awareness tool -- it serves as a springboard into authentic accountability relationships. 


The Genesis Journal has multiple Genesis tools: 

  • 12 Weekly FASTER Scale Check-Ins
  • 12 Weekly Commitment to Change Worksheets
  • 5  Double Bind Worksheets
  • 5  Name that Button Worksheets
  • 5  Red Dog/Blue Dog Worksheets
  • 3  Forgiveness Worksheets


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